Write Presentations Like a Doc

Insou is your AI-powered pathway to captivating content and compelling presentations. Write, engage, and shine without the hassle of design and formatting.


Content First, Style Follows

With Insou, your narrative precedes design for impactful, memorable presentations.

Notion-Style Markdown

Craft presentations effortlessly, no markdown knowledge needed. Bypass rigid templates and complex edits with our intuitive interface.

AI Copilot

Advanced AI provides real-time guidance and enhancement suggestions for powerful, resonating presentations.

Workflow Empowerment

Boost productivity with seamless collaboration, versatile import/export options, integrated media, and intuitive editing.


Notion-Style Ease, Markdown Boost

Notion-Grade File Organization

Share Content, Enrich Community


Plans that fit your scale

Remove Insou branding with Plus, or go Pro for unlimited AI!

Free plan

free for your whole team


โœ“ 300 AI credits at signup

โœ“ Unlimited insous

โœ“ PDF and Markdown export(Insou branded)

โœ“ Basic analytics

Plus Plan

Per user/month


โœ“ 500 AI credits every month

โœ“ Unlimited insous

โœ“ Remove "Made with Insou" badge

โœ“ Pdf adn Mrkdown export

โœ“ Advanced Analyticsou )

Pro plan

Per user/month


โœ“ Unlimited AI creation

โœ“ Unlimited insous

โœ“ Remove "Made with Insou" badge

โœ“ PDF and Markdown export

โœ“ Advance Analytics


Why people love us

Just discovered insou, and it's a game-changer for anyone tired of traditional slide creation. Markdown + AI = Magic! Highly recommend it.

Sophia Wong

Product Manager Kingspace

Kudos to the team at insou! The AI-powered slide generation is mind-blowing. Saving me so much time and making my presentations look pro.

Brian Law

Senior Software Dev

Impressed with how easy it is to create stunning marketing slides with insou. Bye-bye, design headaches!

Ethan Parker

Co-Founder Moumou


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